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Welcome to Infertilityhelp.org – the website of Manual Medicine Research.

The most infertility treatment option is assisted reproductive technology(ART). But the primary purpose of this site is to communicate the fact that there are safe, inexpensive and effective methods for improving human fertility, using the manual Medicine techniques used by Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Medical Specialists, Osteopaths, Physiologists, Physiotherapists and Reflexologists.

The site also exists as a resource for interested professionals and scientists, whose contributions and shared findings are welcome, and will be acknowledged.

The author practiced as a chiropractor in the UK from 1977 -2001, and even before qualifying became interested in the phenomenon of patients reporting other health improvements following musculo-skeletal treatments.He studied advanced techniques which linked slight changes in muscle tone to changes in organ function, and used these in his practice from the outset.

Within a few months of graduation, he treated a couple with back pain and secondary infertility, and both conditions cleared up.Over the next 23 years he treated a further 6 cases of infertility in this way, with only one failure. Because he was unaware of any relevant scientific research or controlled clinical trials related to his experiences, he was unable ethically to publicise this approach to infertility, due to insufficient evidence. All this changed in 2000, when he obtained a copy of an article in the German journal Manuelle Medizin reporting the findings of a double blind controlled clinical trial in the Czech Republic (CR) into the effects of manual Medicine on female infertility, carried out during the 1980’s.He had this translated into English, and it has now been published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine.

This was the third trial carried out in conjunction with the Czech State fertility and gynaecology services , and all the trials showed significant results, ranging from 34% to 50% success rates.

He then started to communicate with the professionals in the Czech Republic, and to search all sources for other related work. This has revealed wide spread interest by scientists and field workers in the phenomenon of musculoskeletal treatments and reports of organic (visceral) health improvements, including infertility.

As yet there are several theories, but no agreement, as to the mechanisms involved. The author on balance feels that the most likely theory is that musculoskeletal and visceral afferent impulses are known to enter common neuronal pools in the spine. Extensive evidence supports the view that simulated and aggravated visceral disease can be a result.(See TRIALS AND RESEARCH).Manual Medicine practitioners may reduce irritative musculoskeletal afferents in their work.

We accept couples for evaluation and treatment, after assessment by a gynaecologist, and also undertake lectures and training courses for professionals.

By entering this site you are confirming that that you understand the limitations of this work, and that it is different from current standard medical procedures.